All good things come to an end, and sadly so is the case with this Future Connection week that featured not one but TWO massive guest mixes!

After Gregor Salto rocked the waves on Monday with his characteristic rhythms and housey vibes, we crank up the energy by 11 with Israeli duo Graham Bell! Composed of Assaf Tuvia and Gai Abutbul, these guys first began life as ghost producers. Far from a usual career path in the dance music world, but one that definitely worked, and allowed Graham Bell to have production skills above almost everyone. Centering their sound around big room and trance, Assaf and Gai are true experts at merging elated melodies with their signature sound and planet-crushing kicks.

So far in 2020, the boys have delivered a solid year, with three gorgeous releases so far: Raveolution with big room veteran Sandro Silva, a gorgeous remix for Armin Van Buuren’s vocal hit Miles Away and, their latest, Pam Pam (Phat Bass) on W&W’s Rave Culture, released just two weeks ago. Their unbridled energy made them only a natural choice for our freshly revamped Future Connection, and Graham Bell surely delivered!

On their 61min mix, the guys masterfully presented the very best of fresh trance and big room, acapellas to sing your heart out to, and a blend of their own hits like The Night King, Raveolution and Tambores. This one is a sweetie, prepare your ears and open your heart to the sound of Graham Bell!

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