Angerfist, Miss K8 and Tha Playah are apparently not using this lock down time to take a rest but instead to deliver fresh bombs, given these three huge names in the Hardcore scene have a new EP for the true lovers of this style, where you can find a completely new tune, a refix and a massive remix.

For those who carefully follow these artists, it is nothing new that all that comes when they get together in studio are some of the eternal top tracks and, in this EP from Angerfist and Miss K8, we find their two tracks with city names, being them Bogota and Santiago, released in 2016 and 2012 respectively and, in order to proceed with the four-year interval tradition, Madrid is now their third “city track” and the first one to appear in the Immortality EP and to deliver some of the deepest and most intense kicks shaped by this Hardcore couple, finely combined with the charismatic vocal “MADRID HARDCORE” that noticeably sounds like MC Tha Watcher’s voice, but for some reason it is not official.

Adding to this tune created from scratch, this EP has also a refix made by Angerfist and Miss K8 for Bogota, where nothing really changes until the first kick drops out. However, it was a big success on Miss K8’s set at Qlimax in 2019 as you can see here:

As an outro track, we have a brutal remix of Santiago produced by one of the greatest producers in the genre, Tha Playah. In this reimagination you will get to hear to a heavier and full of energy version, filled with powerful kicks that definitely will not leave you indifferent, so keep in mind that a wild bass face may appear.

You can purchase the Immortality EP on and listen to the streaming version down here:

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