We were not expecting anything like this, as they are completely different styles, but Regain and Ecstatic proved that the hardstyle sub-genres united will never be beaten.

Even with a separation of genres within Hardstyle, there are always great wars between Raw, Euphoric and Xtra Raw but after all what matters is that we hear of the same genre, Hardstyle. Regain and Ecstatic have come to prove this by producing this magnificent track with Regain’s powerful kicks and Ecstatic’s fantastic melody to match immensely well.

The first part of the track is the kickroll part where Regain starts to tear with his famous kicks and Ecstatic took possession of the melody in a darker way, hence the track being called “The Shadows“.

It is no longer the first time that this type of collaboration has taken place and the feedback from them is always dazzling because as we know, and we mentioned earlier, there have always been small “wars” between sub-genres. We will show some more examples of this type of collaboration here:

It is these kinds of collaborations that make fans stay together and that at the end of the day we think that it is not necessary to create wars within the sub-gender and that we are all united.

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