After teasing us multiple times about it in the last few days, DJ Thera finally released a unique compilation. Inspired by his Hardertrance remixes and a few originals, the man himself has taken the time to remaster all the tracks that explore the boundaries between Trance and Hardstyle that he released between 2008 and 2014.

The artist is very well known for his Trance roots, but his love also lies within the harder styles. This passion for both genres has led him to clash them while producing, for several times. During this period he’s made some of his best tracks, many of them familiar to pretty much any of his fans or followers, such as Ironically Unknown, Necessary Evil, Acid Company and Touched, along with Hardertrance remixes of Time from Busho, Reset From Drivium, and Geck-e’s Acid Impressions, just to name a few, and touching a bit on the ones that I personally enjoy the most.

It is really delightful to see that these Hardertrance vibes are very much alive. They survived after the demise of Theracords old sublabel, Therabyte, and have lived on until today, with DJ Thera spearheading this sound, and continuing to release top notch tracks as he did lately with Acid Is Alright! This is definitive proof that good music always lives on, regardless of the circumstances, and regardless if they generate a lot of plays and bookings, or not

This pack is available to purchase on the From The Hard store, starting at 9.95€ – a very fair price for 26 heavy hitting tracks, remastered by the man himself, and ready to rock the dancefloor or shake your speakers at home even better than they did back in the days!

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