Amidst this exhausting quarantine, trance legends Super8 & Tab released part 1 of their new album entitled These Little Stories.

Composed of Janne Mansnerus and Miika Eloranta, Super8 & Tab’s story is intertwined with the very genre they produce: trance pioneers, trailblazers, innovators and all-around legends, their status is undoubtfully legendary. They originally joined forces all the way back in 2005, and have been inseparable since, constantly breaking boundaries and increasingly pushing their sound.

From their classic Helsinki Scorchin to collaborations with Armin Van Buuren, Cosmic Gate and KhoMha, to three full fat studio albums – Empire, Unified and ReformationSuper8 & Tab’s discography is dotted with success, but it is far from over. In 2019, they released Past, Present & Future, a compilation album to celebrate the pinnacle of their career. Now, they intend to revisit and rewrite new memories with These Little Stories.

Shaped by the memories of valuable experiences thus far, These Little Stories features 7 gorgeous tracks, with the signature chilling melodies we’ve grown to love from Miika and Janne, a journey from chill to big room to their signature side of Progressive Trance that continues on the path of their Reformation album, featuring three original productions alongside four amazing collaborations with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Christina Novelli, Jess Ball and Rodg.

Check out These Little Stories below! And perhaps revisit Super8 & Tab’s incredible guestmix for our Future Connection radioshow…

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