After announcing his collaboration with Armin van Buuren, and releasing it, Brennan Heart has now made available his VIP Mix of All On Me that raises the tempo on the dancefloor to something that caters more to Hardstyle fans.

Despite being a high level collaboration between two undisputed legends of electronic music, the track wasn’t too well received from both artists’ fans, as some stated that it was a bit too pop for their usual styles, and there really wasn’t a Hardstyle version to cater to Fabian’s fans. That second bit is definitely solved with this mix, and in what concerns the first, we believe that regardless of styles, this has been a rather interesting collaboration, a cool track that took these producers outside of their comfort zone, which is always great to see.

The track kicks off with the enticing vocals and a slight finger snap effect. The melody then starts rising smoothly, with the vocals stopping to give way for it to fill the airwaves. You then feel the intensity raise, bringing everything up to Hardstyle’s tempo, and with the climax featuring prominently a heavy kick with a slightly distorted bass down below. Between climaxes there’s another break with a soft breakbeat, with the track then going out with a bang.

The soothing parts of this track contrast well with the roughness of the climaxes, making this a very listener friendly track, without loosing the roughness that should characterize any Hardstyle track. Play it loud!

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