Once again Martin Garrix’s label, STMPD RCRDS, announces another online festival in which it will feature strong names to help get through the quarantine.

Months go by and there is no improvement in the new virus that is cancelling festivals around the world and killing thousands of people a day. However, publishers and promoters take advantage of new technologies to be able to share, virtually, what they wanted to do physically. The proof of this is yet another online festival edition that STMPD RCRDS will launch on May 30th.

After the first edition with several hours of non-stop music, which was a great success, STMPD decided to continue with this project that started on April 25th where they launched an edition with artists like Julian Jordan, Alle Farben, Firebeatz, Vintage Culture, Cazztek, Crime Zcene, Todd Helder and Charmes. These live sessions promise to liven you up with many hours of music, acoustic sessions and the performance of Martin Garrix.

Still without any name for the next edition, certainly big talents will be present, for yet another great initiative by STMPD RCRDS that ends up taking music to the home of thousands of people, thus helping these difficult days to have another shine and to enjoy something different than usual.

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