This afternoon, at around 5 pm, Scabtik, one of the promises of Scantraxx Records, released a bombastic track with immensely powerful lyrics, MC Alee helped a lot on this track!

Scabtik has been part of this Scantraxx community for a long time and has always been very underrated, because his production style is very pleasant to hear. Recently he and D-Attack made a mix to entertain people at home and it was an excellent mix indeed.

MC Alee is a great protagonist in this track because the vocals really fit the track and that doesn’t always happen, we think that right away the MC will be the ideal one to sing the lyrics, and in this case we have to congratulate the effort, it was spectacular.

On the track, the first drop is anti-climax with gated kicks where we only hear the complete distortion of the kick, smooth and satisfying.

The melody is not “cheerful” at all but it is an excellent melody anyway.

Scabtik, despite not having the numbers deserved, is an artist we will continue to support and hope to talk about him more often on our website!

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