It’s been a couple of months, but the W&W boys are ready to release new music under their trance-directed alias NWYR.

It seems like NWYR is still a young experiment, but W&W’s passion project was brought to life all the way back in 2017, when a mysterious ID  – Voltage – started making the rounds and being played by the very best in the biz. The secret didn’t last long though, as it was quickly revealed that W&W were behind the NWYR name, in an effort to relive and revive their original trance days in which they first dabbled all the way back in 2007.

It has been yet another successful project for Ward and Willem, as they rack up even more millions of plays. Although purists and haters claim their sound is generic, NWYR silence them with every release, showing they still got the golden touch for trance, focusing on quality over quantity, as is perfectly demonstrated by their brand-new track Heart Eyes.

From the first second on, we can clearly see NWYR’s 80’s-ish inspiration. From the initial small intro beat to the synths introduced with the main melody, it screams vintage with every new bar. Supported by a satisfying chord progression, the first drops grabs the attention with its mastering and beautiful balance of sounds on the way to the breakdown. The “vintage” inspiration is once again apparent, this time with a chopped-up background vocal as we head into the second chorus, capitalizing on the imbued energy of the main lead and introducing aggressive trance saws.

Check out Heart Eyes in the link down below!

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