Due to the current situation, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, all events that require the gathering of a great number of people have been cancelled, something that left the fans of all the genres of electronic music disappointed for not having the opportunity to feel those good vibes that festivals give us in the near future.

This lack of music entertainment resulted into the streaming from some of the top tier DJ’s in the world through all kinds of social media, although, most websites like Facebook and Instagram tend to suffer copyright takedowns once, unlike Mixcloud, they don’t pay any sort of licensing fee to the companies that own the royalties of the played tracks.

Knowing this, Mixcloud, a well known platform that allows DJ’s to upload their recorded sets and to share it online, has decided to release its new streaming platform Mixcloud Live, which is still a beta version, once the final product was not intended to be released yet but this global isolation changed this company’s mind.

The new platform of live streaming is available for the amount of 11€ per month, but you can use it for free on a 90-day trial that the Mixcloud Pro subscription has available at the moment.

To stream your set you can connect to any streaming software such as OBS by using a stream key/URL that Mixcloud Live offers. If you have any doubts on how to stream from your phone or laptop, you can read here the guide created by djmag.com.

Will this new way of streaming overcome Twitch.com when it comes to DJ sets? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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