The Australian DJ and producer Timmy Trumpet comes back to releases again and brings us another big hit that promises to make you dance.

After having made an epic set at home and with a brutal view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, it is now time for us to release another great Timmy Trumpet song, “Diamonds. A song that starts very calm and as it progresses the BPM’s go up and a very soft voice appears that gives other energy to the music. When the song finally “explodes” we can feel kicks with some inspiration from the hardstyle, which also happens in the second drop, and so the magic begins. A real rollercoaster between the beginning, the middle and the end of the song but very well built.

Something that’s no longer surprising are the various elements that Timmy Trumpet has chosen for this track, as he recently went through hardstyle, an example of which is his track “Fuck Yeah” with Toneshifterz, Code Black and Will Sparks. Also going through other more melodic sound styles like “Everybody In The Party“. With all this we can see how the innovative Timmy Trumpet can be, and thus take advantage of the music he makes, ending up also having fun and being that energetic DJ we know when he is on stage.

Listen below the new track of Timmy Trumpet:

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