Bass Chaserz is back with a wonderful piece of art! Not Looking Back is a track that will suit these troubled times very well, as it features extremely uplifting vocals with amazing lyrics that make us think of a better future.

Not Looking Back begins with amazing rap vocals that incite the listener to push on through life’s difficulties without hesitation. There’s a soft breakbeat in the background, along with melodious backing vocals. There’s a short break that features the melody and some kick rolls, and then the track begins to get more intense, until we reach the build up, which features the vocals prominently once again, and then the whole track drops to a bassy kick down below and the melody piercing the airwaves up top. In between climaxes we have a vocal that keeps the momentum up with the uplifting vocals. The second climax is also interesting as it features a slightly punchier kick that should work extremely well live, and works well at home too!

This amazing producer has quite a few gems that sometimes don’t get the airplay they deserve, so enjoy this one and play it loud!

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