It is one of the festivals that moves more ravers over 3 days or two weekends, Tomorrowland, and this year’s edition is marked by a somewhat unknown state of affairs, what can you expect?

2020 is going to be a year that will be marked worldwide by Covid-19, the virus that is isolating people from contacting each other, appended in sporadic cases and that is even necessary, which also brings a very negative point: the cancellation / postponement of festivals and other shows.

In March, we witnessed the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Ultra Music Festival, in Miami. What promised to be 3 days with the most varied electronic music and joy, became a nightmare that many people did not want to accept, but it was up to the organization to watch over common sense and public health, making it so that there was no gathering of people as normal to happen.

Speaking more specifically, we took the case of Tomorrowland and there is still no announcement of the organization about any changes to this year’s edition. It is undoubtedly one of the dream festivals for many people, and over the course of 15 years they have managed to have a superb evolution and this is undoubtedly a great achievement and we must give credit to it! Nowadays we are always full of doubts about the festivals and Tomorrowland is no exception, especially considering the post by Psyko Punkz

With all this, doubt remains in the air of Tomorrowland’s future in regards to this year’s edition. If you read the letter (and if you’ve been watching the news lately) you’ll certainly agree that things are quite grim. Also of note is the work that major festivals which, unfortunately, have been canceled, have found a way to bring to your home artists who should be received by thousands of people. Online festivals have been the alternative while the whole situation of this virus is not resolved and it is also necessary to value all the work that promoters from different organizations and festivals have been doing, with the call for all people to stay at home so that all of this gets better and everyone comes back with more strength than ever. Cheers to the Tomorrowland organization in particular, who is committed in doing what they can to try and make the event happen in a safe way

Also giving an opinion on all of this, since we end up working on publicizing the festivals, giving news about the artists and talking about their releases, just like you who are reading this we want everything to quickly improve and although we really want festivals this summer, we want a safe summer, with everything we are entitled to. And taking into account the situation that remains unfavourable, we will have to wait for improvements and follow all the calls to stay in our homes and just leave them in extreme need. This is not just for fun and the pleasure of listening to music but for our future as people, we are all in this until the end and hopefully everything will pass as quickly as possible.

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