How about an high powered EP to kick off your weekend? That’s what Riot Shift have in store for you with ALL IS LOST! These guys went beyond their usual tempo to deliver us something out of the ordinary… And as you know, we here at Wide Future are fans of stuff that’s fresh, good and different so we had to check this out!

We start off aggressively with a Dubstep inspired part, with breakbeat and heavy vocals. The tempo then instantly goes insane – laser and high pitched kicks galore! On the break we get the vocals once more, followed by a big build up that’s unleashed on a “fake drop” styled climax with a punchy lazer kick. The outro has the sound of thunderstorms and rain, giving it a spooky atmosphere.

Second track is a collab with Hatred, with slightly less BPM but nevertheless, very aggressive! It kicks off with rap vocals that will accompany the track as we go. The distorted bass effect down below in the kick is rather pleasing on good headphones and is certainly the icing on the cake on the kick & bass part of the track. Of course, we couldn’t leave lazer kicks aside on this one too, and a breakbeat on the break to go along with the vocals.

What’s your take on this one? Did you enjoy hearing Riot Shift press the pedal to the metal? We sure did!

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