The Dutch DJ and producer, Nicky Romero, continues with a powerful 2020 year with several releases and this time even introduces his new remix!

It seems that the year is going very well for Nicky Romero, with the release of his EP “Redefine“, which includes the themes “I See“, “Time” and “Replica“, he also released “Stay” and a “festival” version for that track, and “Falling” with Timmy Trumpet. After Matroda kicking off the hostilities for these remixes, it was time to give way for Nicky Romero to release his remix for Martin Garrix‘s song “Drown“.

After some rumors on social media, this new remix could finally be released! Nicky Romero kept Clinton Kane’s beautiful voice unchanged, and did the rest in his own way. With the vibrant melody and its “progressive” implementation, it increased the rhythm of the music, making anyone stick to the home speakers while listening to this great remix. Again, work well done by Nicky Romero, this is undoubtedly the “way” that Nicky likes to work.

This is a release on STMPD RCRDS and will we have new remixes? Wait for more news and you will know everything! There will be new remixes forthcoming…

Listen below the new remix of Nicky Romero:

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