Yesterday, mid afternoon, the brilliant duo Sub Zero Project released one of the most expected tracks of the year: “Rave Into Space“.

This title comes from a concept that this duo planned to do in their live sets, it’s not just 30 minutes of songs, but it is something more.

Sub Zero Project were the ones that grew the most in the scene, creating top Hard Dance music, always with very pleasant innovations. These guys have already made numerous collaborations with top DJ’s and the final results have always been something special, something always quite unique and that leaves the audience crazy and “Our Church” with Headhunterz is the living proof of that.

Rave Into Space” is a track that comes to revolutionize once again and why again? Because years ago, the Sub Zero Project were to blame for joining Psy Trance with Hardstyle and “The Project” was by far the best track produced by this magnificent duo. Will “Rave Into Space” make another impact on the scene and broaden the ideas of the immense producers?

The track consists of a raw melody and a build-up just perfect for the drop, not to mention the lyrics that are of equal quality, Sub Zero have my vote on this one!

As we mentioned earlier, “Rave Into Space” is a new concept for live sets and their first “mission” was at Reverze and you will soon be able to see their set! Just follow Bass Events on YouTube and stay tuned.

From this:

They went on to this:

And ended up here:

Remarkable to see their evolution! What’s your opinion on it?

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