One of the most famous duos returns to releases again, and nothing better than listening to the new Third Party song that will surely make you dance.

Being quarantined does not mean that you cannot have your party at home by updating your music list with another great hit by the British duo Third Party that launch another great theme with the voice of Harry Bass, also a member of the duo.

In this new theme, “Take me Away“, we are facing the classic “Progressive” that Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass (aka Third Party) have already accustomed us to, with Harry’s fantastic voice everything becomes a euphoric song and without a doubt it makes us mess with all this contagious energy. Recently, Third Party were able to remix a song by Armin Van Buuren, “All Comes Down” that earned them entry into the Dutch artist’s “Balance Remixes”.

After “Hope” and “Together“, two great albums that leave fans with a lot of curiosity for the future and what may be yet to come, this is another massive piece of work that they’ve released. With big releases on Release Records and with the new adventure on Release Deep, Third Party have enough bases here to evolve both themselves and other artists within the same genre.

Listen below the new track of Third Party:

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