You can’t complain about not having enough internet content to help you pass time in this quarantine season. STMPD RCRDS are now live streaming their own indoors festival and it started earlier this afternoon (Saturday, March the 28th).

That’s right, some of the biggest faces behind Martin Garrix‘s label, STMPD, joined the event and they’re performing one hour sets for everyone to enjoy, wherever they are on the planet! It kicked off at 15:00 with the beautiful set of EAUXMAR and big names like Sidney Samson, Ellis, Arno Cost and DubVision have already left their mark in the label’s historic event.

A live stream that is set to last around 24 hours, is the perfect company to a time we are meant to spend at home. It feels like the club life is closer than ever. You can stream it on Facebook, Twitch or YouTube, so make sure you do by clicking here.

You can also jump right into the YouTube stream down here and make sure you stay at home and most important, safe from this whole situation! Enjoy this like you were out with your friends:

Line-up (Portugal Time)

14:00 – EAUXMAR
15:00 – Sidney Samson
16:00 – Ellis
17:00 – Arno Cost
18:00 – DubVision
19:00 – Justin Mylo
20:00 – Florian Picasso
21:00 – Seth Hills
22:00 – Silque
23:00 – Chemical Surf

00:00 – Pontifexx
02:00 – Infuze
03:00 – AM Chew Fu
04:00 – TV Noise
05:00 – The Subculture
06:00 – Guy Arthur
07:00 – DJ DLG
08:00 – Aspyer
09:00 – Jookidd
10:00 – Michael Amani
11:00 – BeauDamian
12:00 – CMC$
13:00 – SWACQ
14:00 – Josh Charm
15:00 – Blinders

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