Renowned artist San Holo goes back to releasing tracks, and this one popped up out of the blue! (if only i could) hold you is the track we’re talking about and it is an absolute masterpiece

A soothing distorted guitar melody kicks the track off. It’s not long before we’re led through a section with punchy beats and two distinct guitar riffs. We then get to a break with soothing trap beats and heavily edited vocals down below contributing to the whole atmosphere. The track loops into sections that are similar to what we’ve seen so far, but ever so slightly increasing its intensity with small elements added here and there, guaranteeing your much needed blessing percentage boost in these troubled times!

In addition to this, and as you’ve probably noticed in the top left corner of the artwork, you can see it says “stay vibrant – an ever expanding music collection by San Holo”. As you might have guessed, this is the first of many releases, with the artist taking an opportunity in his Instagram stories to let us know that he’ll be releasing more tracks in this quarantine period, and saying that he does it for us, his fans, and for himself, because music is what’s keeping him going in these rough times!

Did you enjoy this track? Let us know through our socials, and be sure to send San some videos of you enjoying it!

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