Upcoming talent Ace is back to releases with an amazing banger named Steel Unload! One of the latest Spoontech reinforcements keeps the momentum up with an impacting track.

We kick off the track with rock inspired vocals taken from a Linkin Park track. Straight away we’re led through a part with an insanely punchy kick and chopped vocals. The kick experiences a variation, that’s accompanied by a distorted bass. The break has a broken beat part with a thunderous melody accompanying the vocals. Out of the blue we find ourselves in the climax, which is an absolute journey through thumping and unrelentless beats that sound amazing with the volume turned all the way up to 11!

This one’s a rather outside the box release, which was to be expected from the artist and label in question, but that doesn’t make it less amazing! We’re firm believers on the fact that music speaks for itself, and if you listen closely you can see a glimpse of what the future of the harder styles has in store for us, and we definitely see a chance for this artist to ride on top of this wave!

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