Latest release hitting the airwaves on the Dirty Workz imprint is the unique Journey by the hands of Sephyx… And what skilled hands this producer has both on his computer and his guitar!

The track begins with strong vocals and a mid intro with an insanely punchy kick. There are a few screech elements that are quite interesting here that lead us through the track. The break carries a very unique vibe, with an harp and a violin in the background, and the vocals standing tall in the middle of it all. As we go through it there’s some guitar strings as well, as we’re used to from this skilled musician. The climax drops out of nowhere to a bassy and punchy kick and a really cool melody riding on top of it. More guitar awaits us between climaxes and until the end of track, finishing it with a bang!

This epic track serves as a follow up to Artifact, with these tracks telling us a story of an adventurer, seeking to find the Artifact… So be sure to join us and follow Sephyx through this journey!

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