Neolux, you probably never heard of him, but in this article I’m going to explain to you why we’re talking about this young man, a star on his way to the main stages.

This artist has been producing since 2017 but doesn’t have the attention he deserves, that’s why I’m writing this specific article, for you to follow his work from the beginning. The main focus of this producer is Euphoric Hardstyle and it is produced in a very unique way, something that we refer to many times on our website, which is something that requires respect and we love to listen.

“Shadow In The Sea” was amongst his first releases as a DJ/producer and for a beginner, the track is very good, just pay attention to certain details of the track, such as the vocals and the melody which all fit together quite nicely, and the musical notes are a strong point of this producer, you will see why! There’s other tracks that you can hear made by him and we leave this research to you! But… there are 2 tracks that require special attention and we will mention them here.

Destination Unknown” is his biggest hit and what a great track! As we mentioned before, the melody is one of, if not the biggest strength of this small producer. From a pure euphoric kick to the mix of vocals from space, that’s where this song takes you. An excellent work by Neolux.

Who I Am (Long Gone)“, leaving the Euphoric wave and moving on to something heavier, it is another track that Neolux deserves to be congratulated for, with only a small amount of production time compared to many, this track deserves more attention than it has had so far. Once again, this gentleman’s melody is something fantastic and for sure that when he gets more recognition, he will increase the numbers more and more and start performing at festivals and indoor events.

We have no doubt that in the near future Neolux will be able to show what he is worth and we will be here to root for him, as he is a DJ that we will be keeping an eye on.

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