Tomorrow morning, producer The Machine will release a very innovative track that includes 2 musical styles, Dubstep and Raw Hardstyle.

Fantastic screeches on this track, we will say that this is the biggest point of the track, an excellent part for the headbangers, that fits very well in the feeling that the track conveys. The track incorporates different kicks, it is not based on one, it makes the track very special and very good! If you’re upset for being stuck at home during the ongoing quarantine, we recommend listening to this track! It will cheer you up.

Halfway through the track and the end of the track, The Machine does not forgive and produces a magnificent Xtra Raw kick that unfortunately we don’t hear much more than those seconds, but during the time we did, we were very pleased! Good job, The Machine!

The Machine has always had a pleasant production style to listen to and it is a pity that the number of plays is not higher. Here are some tracks for you to listen to if you are interested:

We have already talked a few times about this man and we will continue to talk more about him in the near future! If it weren’t for the virus, surely more festivals would go after this man to perform on one of his stages.

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