The world of music production is a never-ending evolving world and just when you think the VST market has nothing else to offer, Ummet Ozcan brings you Genesis Pro. And it will only cost you 1€.

Ummet Ozcan, the Dutch/Turkish DJ and producer has been around the dance music scene from an early age. He’s been constatly changing the industry and even if you can’t notice it, he’s always been there. He’s a brilliant sound designer and he just gathered all his knowledge inside his brand new original synthesiser: Genesis Pro.

After 8 years in the making, Genesis Pro came to life in the form of a 16 minute video uploaded on Ummet’s Youtube channel, which went through the vast array of features the plugin will offer you. It showed us why he made it and how he made it.

You will be able to create sounds like you never did before, run those sounds into the plugin’s own effect channels and play them in your main DAW. With new features that no plugin has offered before and with an outstanding appealing design (which you can easily modify in the Picasso mode feature). It simply opens the door to infinite possibilities of sounds and it will surely broaden your creativity.

You can easily tell how much this plugin will help you in your productions down here, in a video from Ummet himself, where he tries out the multiple possibilities for your music techniques.

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