Here is a great work that is presented by W&W and Lucas & Steve, thus launching a great theme that promises to spread good energy in the dancefloor.

Although the last few months have not been the best, due to Covid-19, here comes a theme that will certainly excite us and you will want to hear it several times. W&W and Lucas & Steve, two of the biggest electronic music duos got together to create their latest theme “Do It For You“.

A theme with great influence from Lucas & Steve who use their “House music” as nobody to make great themes, however, we can see that there are traces of W&W, that bigroom that has gone through other styles as well. They show that two “worlds” can come together and create a masterpiece.

The good news is that you will be able to hear this music live at the Galp Beach Party where the W&W will perform, and they promise an epic set. They had previously been at the RFM Somnii festival in 2014. Regarding Lucas & Steve the last appearance of the Dutch duo was in 2019 also at the Galp Beach Party festival and previously made their debut in 2016 at RFM Somnii.

Listen below the new track of W&W and Lucas & Steve

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