The Belgium born DJ/Producer is out to absolutely kill it, surprising his loyal fans – the Dunfam – with a brand new track on Do Not Duplicate Records.

There’s something to be said about Jay Dunham. Jordan Hamana has been around the scene since 2012, but only now is his cry of sheer unbridled talent being heard. 2020 has given his fans something to cheer about, teasing what he’s up to with track The Breakout, thus igniting playlists and stages alike all around the entire world. Centered around gritty synths and an eerie atmosphere, The Breakout gave the Dunfam a taste of what to come, being well received by the general audience.

Jay knew he had a weight on his shoulders to continue his streak and so The Mood was born: spitting image of Jay’s premeditated assault on your ears he has made us grow used to over the years. Restrained kicks and shakey percussion introduces The Mood, as the vocals kick in to preach a message of mystery and self-motivation, transitioning quickly to the drop, filled with wet kicks, grit and the ever-famous p h a t bassline. The breakdown filters in an organic snare fill coupling nicely with the vocals resulting in an energy-ridden second drop. Another anthem of Jay’s style and what we can expect throughout the rest of the year.

Feel The Mood in the link down below!

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