One of the tracks that everyone’s been waiting for is out… After B-Front playing it on his Qlimax set, we cannot get this one out of our heads! Frequencerz partnered with E-Life to create Miami Vice, which is not only an ode to the iconic TV series with the same name, but also an absolutely marvelous track!

The track kicks off with E-Life’s vocals introducing a mid-intro with a menacing screech and a kick with a nicely distorted bass. The break just throws you right in the middle of a sunny afternoon in a beach along Miami’s cost, with E-Life inviting you to cruise down the iconic Ocean Drive in a Ferrari Testarossa, one of the TV series’ trademark. The percussion here has an absolute 80’s vibe, with synths and a few guitar details. This gives way to an absolutely insane melody that just pierces the airwaves. The build up is really quick leading us to an impacting climax that will surely get everyone moving this summer on festivals. The second climax experiences a melody variation that further clinches the listener to his headphones for the last bit of energy the track has to offer!

This one’s not only an absolutely astonishing track, as it pays a nice homage to one of the most iconic series ever! An amazing effort from these artists that will certainly pay off, as it is top 10 material! Be sure to play it loud.

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