Atmozfears’ fans have been waiting for a long, long time for an album from this master, and this will finally come true! After the tease back in June at Intents, fans have been waiting for any sign of this album, and here’s the first one!

There are at least a couple of reasons why people are so anxious for this album. First of all, if we check this artist’s discography carefully, we can see that he doesn’t really have an album, at least in the sense we’re used to. He has released a “Mini Album” in the past, along with an exclusive and very limited USB stick that he gave personally to fans. So this is likely to be the first “real” album that he will release.

The second reason is because he’s simply a great artist. With his first release dating back to 2008, he’s pretty much done it all at this point, but still manages to reinvent himself constantly, while keeping is very own unique style. He’s had high level releases on respectful imprints such as Scantraxx, the now defunct Spirit of Hardstyle and on Q-dance’s own label as well.

From what we can gather from this announcement, this album release will have a twist – he’ll release 10 tracks monthly from now on, and he will have his very own special live performance accompanying it all. We can’t wait to see him perform this summer!

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