Today, at around 4 pm, these Hardstyle legends release a new collab… And no! You’re not expecting the final result!

When Wildstylez posted on Instagram announcing that he was going to do a collaboration with Da Tweekaz, there were a lot of people reacting excitedly because it was a collaboration that we had hoped would happen for many years, but there were also people commenting that it would be just another simple Euphoric collaboration, but let me tell you that you are completely wrong.

In the first drop, we didn’t expect such an aggressive and distorted kick coming from these 3 gentlemen, it is in fact the biggest highlight to point out in this range. The vocals were carefully chosen because they combine very well with the feeling that the track conveys, adrenaline! Then we hear the magnificent melody of Wildstylez, because if you listen carefully, these musical touches belong to this legend! Art of Creation creating art once again and this collaboration is one more reason to justify that this label really does not fail when it comes to releasing pieces of art.

These guys have been very good this year, producing tracks of immense quality, their career years do not weigh on them and continue to take advantage of the quality they have.

Wildstylez has been on a roll, releasing one track better than the other, in our opinion “Exist” is amongst the best that’s been made thus far this year, you can listen to it below and tell us what you think:

From Da Tweekaz, they have always been true to themselves and this year they are also in good shape in terms of production. The festivals are increasingly ambitious to bring them, we believe that after this scare of the corona virus, they can show the quality they have in amusing the public around!

We are waiting you again in Portugal, legends!

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