Shockrage leaves his fans in awe with his latest release on Spoontech. Exterus is an absolute banger that takes roughness to the extreme!

The track starts soft, but with strong vocals. Right away we get the melody erupting through the speakers, which leads us to a mid intro with insanely punchy kicks, topped by a nice screech. The break features vocals about the origins of mankind prominently again, in between a few heavy kicks. The build up suddenly gains momentum and the climax is out of this world. It drops unlike anything else. This first climax experiences a kick variation that helps it wind down. There’s almost no break between climaxes and until the track drops once more, fusing heavy kicks with the amazing melody and screeches once more, finishing off in a great momentum!

Shockrage is a relatively new name, but he isn’t a complete newcomer to the scene. Having previously release under the name Re-Shock, he’s gaining a new momentum under this new alias, and is definitely a strong member of the Spoontech roster! Keep an eye out for him…

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