Everyone’s had them at least once in their lives but this time they will haunt your dream as Oddprophet releases his “Optical Illusions” EP!

Composed by 4 absolutely insane productions, this EP is nothing less than a cluster of the filthiest most absurd dubstep and riddim drops, a rejoice to all bass enthusiasts.

Starting with “Optical Illusions“, the EP debuts with an intriguing and haunting melody, giving you almost a “The Shining” hotel sensation through your body. As you bassface awakens, you will be greeted with an overwhelming drop that will carry you around the eerie halls

Too Clever” is the track that follows and in rapid pace, the track grows once again around an intriguing melody and this time, vocals. Though a choppy and violent drop explodes as the drop arrives, the track is mainly focused around the vocals, making for a different experience. With 4 different drops, you will be taken on a journey through the storyline of “Too Clever


The track that follows is “Phantasm” and with echoey and catchy vocals, the track delivers one of the most absurd and filthy drops of the EP. Punchy and hard hitting, the track holds at its core the sole purpose of being a banger and let us tell you this much… It delivered.

The final track of the EP is “Riddim Love Song“. This one is different from all the previous ones. Starting with a recorded love voice message, the track then progresses through vocal chops, before getting attacked by a fast paced progression.

Aggressive yet melodic and beautiful at the same time, this is an ode to every riddim fan out there. The climax of the song is like a huge slap to the face that will awake every sense you have, before exploding in an outerworldly headbang. That’s what this track does to you.

With “Optical Illusions“, Oddprophet is able to appeal to everyone in this beautiful scene, but the most important focus is that he is able to deliver an outstanding and beautiful EP. Check it out now!

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