Trance hero Ashley Wallbridge is homeward with touching new track Still Alive, featuring Evan Henzi on the vocals.

The Englishman from Stoke-On-Trent has been part of the trance scene landscape for years: erupting all the way back in 2009, Ashley quickly gathered a cult following. Focused around a uniquely designed sound, Ashley has always been one to imbue as much sentiment and feeling as possible on his tracks, thus building a career on those foundations.

With an illustrious career, Wallbridge has releases on labels like AVA Recordings, Armada, Armind, Who’s Afraid of 138?!, and many more. Along with long time best bud Gareth Emery, Ashley is also one of the masterminds behind Garuda – a staple label for tranceheads all around the world – and slumbering parody side project CVNTS, which has provided a couple of good laughs for everyone.

Carrying all this legacy on his shoulders, Ashley went in 2019 looking to absolutely kill it. But as the saying dictates: what goes up…must come down. And down it did, as he underwent a huge hospital scare, fighting meningitis, back in August 2019. The scene gathered around Ashley, and like a phoenix, he rose from the ashes. Looking to make 2020 into something memorable, Ashley pours his heart out with Still Alive.

As read on a social media post, Wallbridge wrote Still Alive while in the hospital fighting for his life, and saw fitting to release some positivity onto the world with the latest COVID-19 pandemic. Centered around tear-jerking melodies, Still Alive carries a powerful message:

“If I make it out, and I’m still alive, I’ll come back for you, help you to survive”

As for the track itself, it starts out with dreamy synths and the now iconic trance kicks. Evan Henzi’s voice shines, carrying the listener into another plain of existence, gently caressed by shivers all around. The breakdown highlights Evan’s vocals, backed up by Ashley’s production know-how to truly encapsulate the feeling of hope, climaxing in an explosion of joy and optimism. An anthem that will definitely go under the radar, add Still Alive to your playlist and let your mind roam free.

Check it out in the link down below!

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