The Australian duo, Nervo, release yet another hit and this time they are not coming alone. Read below all about the new songs from the Australian twins…

They are one of the duos that’s most cherished by the fans and do not need any kind of presentations, we are talking about Nervo, the irrevocable female duo is back and they bring with them the DJ and producer Kandy, with which they released their new song “Supermodel“. Kandy ends up fitting in the musical style of Nervo and he also has releases on Diplo’s label, Mad Decent, and also has his latest single “Let me Down” in the top 10 of Bilboard in the category Radio Single.

This theme ends up “escaping” Nervo’s usual style a little and Kandy’s, however, they’ve managed to do a great job, mixing electro rhythms and small Dubstep sounds, thus creating this new theme for both and giving a sense of importance, without looking backwards, looking like an authentic “Diva”

Still on Supermodel, the inspiration is from what goes on in the Ballroom scene in New York, inviting people to express themselves in their true form, and in an energetic way. According to Nervo “We just made the perfect tune to do your make up to, so turn it up and strike a pose, people!”. Well… Nervo coming out of the box, as always.

Listen below the new track of Nervo and Kandy:

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