The long-awaited collaboration that is finally happening: Dabin and Illenium have something cooking in the studio, ready to go!

It seems like there’s nothing that can bring down Illenium. Born Nicholas Miller in San Francisco, the DJ/Producer witnessed a steep rise in his music: originally from humble origins, he surged onto the dance music community in 2014, being hailed as the next great thing. And boy did Illenium deliver. Since then, Illenium has become somewhat of an idol, developing his world-renowned sound which brings brazen sentimentality and melodicism to an increasingly robotic and generic community.

Dabin isn’t far behind either. The numbers never lie, and the accolade-nominated producer/instrumentalist from Toronto has been around since 2012, but has single-handedly redefined his sound multiple times, thus proving his versatility as a musician. With compilations like “Bloodless”, “Two Hearts” and “Wild Youth” to his name, Dabin is a true powerhouse and so a collaboration with Illenium would be the stuff wet dreams are made of, right?

No longer do we have to imagine how that would sound like, because it is apparently happening! On a social media post, Dabin hinted at the collaboration with a simple yet nail-biting sentence: “This Tune with Illenium though”. One thing is sure: absolute purity and beautiful melodies will be at the track’s core. So order a box of tissues and get your emotions in order!

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