Ship Wrek is a fairly new duo and the sounds they’ve been testing around will probably blow you away. They’ve just released their latest single: Danger.

In fact, Tripp Churchill set sail with Collin Maguire and since 2018 they’ve been dropping some of the freshest drops in the game. Ship Wrek is set to take over the House Music scene and if they keep producing the way they have so far, these guys will be at the top in no time.

From bass house, to progressive house, to dark house, these sailors are headed to a successful future. They had their debut in Spinnin’ Records in 2019 with their track Soul. They kept on releasing summer anthems, club tracks and got featured on the Deluxe Version of DJ Snake’s Carte Blanche album with their remix of Southside.

They are officially back at Big Beat Records and Danger is one for the books. The darker vibe that fulfills the entire track, will get you in the right mood for dancing all night and make you enter in the ‘danger’ zone. A groovy club track that will succeed at every level, every party and every DJ set.

You can now officially stream this one everywhere, so make sure you do and let us know what you think about it!

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