None other than the world’s biggest organisation of Hard music events, Q-dance, which is responsible for the top tier festival Defqon.1, and for Dominator (in a collaboration with Art Of Dance), the greatest outdoor Hardcore gathering, is now aiming their potential at Hardcore music by creating their own label that will be only focused on this scene.

Qore is the name picked for this brand that clearly uses the typical Q-dance’s technique of switching the “C” letter by “Q” as a marketing strategy, but what is really curious about this name is that it may not be that new for the followers of this label, as it looks like the Dutch company recycled their former Hardcore event name, Qore 3.0. Here is its brief introduction:

“It’s time to break the status quo of label traditions. Forget about restrictions and barriers, Music is all that matters. Honouring the sound that lies within our roots and will be part of our DNA forever. This is the birth of a new platform that challenges artists to break boundaries with creativity, courage and craftsmanship, for that is how it all started. The future is Hardcore, but only if We keep moving. Let’s make our world louder with the fundamentals of our dedication. This is Qore.”

To give these words a real meaning, an official release is already out and it counts on the heavy and fast beats from Spitnoise, an Uptempo Hardcore producer, which makes it almost as a statement of what you may expect from the Qore’s upcoming tracks.

Down here you will find the streaming version of this label’s patient zero:

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