Just when we thought that D-Sturb’s productions couldn’t get any better, he surprises us with an absolute banger! Having had the honor to produce the REBiRTH anthem, he lived up to the expectations and did not disappoint the organization and the fans with the anthem he made to what will be the event that will kick off this year’s Hardstyle festival season!

We should warn you straight away that D-Sturb went outside the box with this one and he did rather well! The track starts with Villain on the vocals, and we see ourselves immediately surrounded by a punchy kick and a distorted bass. The melody slowly chimes in, up until the break, where we have a massive surprise – we have a Reggae inspired part, with Le Prince’s amazing vocals, that suits rather well amongst the whole concept and does transmit huge summer vibes!

The track builds up with Villain’s vocals and the climax is out of this world: heavy kicks and immense bass, just like D-Sturb got us used to. The climax suddenly stops to introduce another Reggae section, which doesn’t last long and leads us to another build up that gets us ready for the insanity of the second climax. This one features a ‘fake drop’ and unleashes all the aggressiveness with a slightly high pitched kick and double the distorted bass!

Not much else we can say here other than this is amongst the best REBiRTH anthems, and possibly amongst one of the best festival anthems ever made. This will definitely be Top 10 material at the end of this year and does its job very well: give the listener summer vibes! And extra bonus points for doing a Raggae inspired part and fitting it so well amongst Hardstyle.

What do you think of this track?

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