Legendary producers Technoboy & Tuneboy joined together once more under their TNT alias for a track that’s just out of this world! Fyah mashes up the best of their old reverse bass sounds with modern, impactful kicks!

The track kicks off with a soft trap inspired beat and chopped vocals. We’re then led through a series of impactful kicks that eventually lead to one that has a really good bassline underneath. The break goes back to the trap inspired beat, adding some screeches in the background, and the same vocal sample. The build up rises the momentum in an insane way, with the pitched vocals making the listener hold on to his headphones to prepare for the insane climax that’s just right around the corner. And then all hell breaks loose! A sudden rush of energy goes through the speakers and the listener’s mind travels way back to the reverse bass sounds from the early days.

A very interesting track from two guys that, at a given point many years ago, ran a considerable portion of the Italian Hardstyle scene themselves, under several different aliases. It is a modern track that pays homage to the earlier sounds. This is yet another proof that TNT are just like fine wine: they never lose their creativity and what makes them unique, no matter how many years go by!

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