The young DJ and Italian producer Danko finally arrives at the famous Future House Music label where he debuts a great theme.

It is probably the dream of any young “home” producer to come up with his own music and have credit for the work he has done, and Danko is one of the artists who has achieved this. With some themes released, here is the big step for the talented young DJ of just 18 who releases “Pump It Up” on the famous label Future House Music.

The song starts with a soft and very seductive female voice and as song goes on, we realize that the rhythm is going to increase and then comes a chorus that sings “Don’t you know, pump it up. You’ve got to pump it up” and we realize that we will have a lot to dance to. A contagious rhythm, with a fantastic groove! Very well done by Danko, his work is an example and fits all the samples to create a high quality house music theme.

After hearing this release from Danko, the sky is the limit for the young producer who promises to raise the bar and create high quality themes for the future and show his potential.

Listen below the new track of Danko:

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