After having Mayze X Faria answer us a few questions about them and La Rambla, it is time for another half of this collab to let us know his thoughts. Pete Tha Zouk provided us some insight on the track they’ve made together, as well as his very own Infinity Sunset parties that will have its 10th anniversary this year!

Wide Future [WF]: How was it collaborating with a “new school” duo that sees Pete Tha Zouk as a huge reference?

Pete Tha Zouk [PTZ]: It was pretty easy, we have the same influences and similar tastes in music, so the collaboration happened very spontaneously

[WF]: After all these years in the Portuguese electronic music scene which were the most positive and less positive changes?

[PTZ]: Through these 25 years in business, the basic formula of electronic music has changed, which is rather positive as it allows for constant evolution. I believe we’ve gone through a less positive period, where House music was asleep, but it is finally a growing trend again, produced by renowned artists and even by some newcomers, who bring something new to the table

[WF]: When will you do a solo release?

[PTZ]: I’m starting 2020 with this collaboration with Mayze X Faria and there will be news with other national artists. This is a phase that I’m enjoying a lot, collaborations make the creative process more interesting, we learn together and share different points of view. A solo producer is always more isolated, which limits evolution and makes us more critic of our own work.

[WF]: What advice would you give to someone starting producing and/or DJ’ing in this day and age?

[PTZ]: Above all, be calm and patient – a career takes time to be built. More often than not, I see people, especially in younger generation, wanting to be successful overnight. Sometimes, this success does happen, but when it is temporary, the disappointment is huge. You need to work thinking long term, whether you’re producing or performing as a DJ.

[WF]: What can we expect of Infinity Sunset 2020? Any surprises?

[PTZ]: This year it will be really special – it will be 10 years of Infinity! This is an event that I never thought it would get as big as it is now, always with the crowd’s support, year after year, in Algarve. In august, everyone’s invited to go to the Algarve.

[WF]: You’ve reached a respectful 5th place on the Top 30 DJ’s in your country this year. Any other DJ in particular that you’d like to highlight from this list? Do you consider that there’s been any DJ missing from this list

[PTZ]: It is amazing to be recognized by the public. Being part of the Top 30 is something I thank everyone who’s been supporting me through the years. I believe it is important that new names appear on this Top, genuine and valuable talents that receive this recognition from the crowd and all DJ’s.

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