Today, at around 11 am, High Voltage sent an instastory asking “Album for 2020?” and a large part voted that they wanted this album to be created for this year!

High Voltage recently joined Minus is More and intends to leave a big mark on the label in terms of its adhesion and production quality. High Voltage has been producing for a long time and his production style is very pleasant for Raw fans, we were saddened by the fact that he didn’t have the listeners he deserved.

It is not the first album that he releases, the first High Voltage album was “Signs of the Apocalypse“, released on Nightbreed. You can listen to it here:

This producer’s goals have certainly increased a lot and he wants to show that he deserves to be on several stages at festivals.

High Voltage, also known for having a Hardcore alias, Nosferatu, was responsible for this year’s Masters of Hardcore Austria anthem, together with MC Tha Watcher. The two made a spectacular anthem, you can read more about it here.

As we can see, music is Nosferatu’s life, it is not enough to produce Hardcore, he also does Raw Hardstyle and is someone who deserves a lot of respect for what he does!

If the album is actually made and released this year, we can’t wait to review it!

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