The first official release of the year of 2020 from Detest has just came out for The Third Movement and instead of a single track, the German producer decided to present his followers with an EP composed of 2 tunes.

The track list of Freak Street is as short as it is intense, being the first track Pussy (which is clearly a way to set the mood for this two pack) and the second one named after the EP. Let’s take a close look at the synopsis of each member of this Hardcore Extended play:

  • Pussy This first tune begins with some screeches combined with the punch of a kick that visibly works as a way to ease the live mix, given the fact that both of them sound like a metronome. That doesn’t last long, for the vocal “You wanna see some pussy” gets in and instantly a punchy kick controls the scene and makes a statement of what the rest of the track will be like. During the track you will find some interesting breaks and a large range when it comes to kick drums.
  • Freak Street The second part of this heavy backpack comes in with all the boldness that should be expected from a Hardcore track of an artist like Detest. In the beginning you’ll listen to some distorted synths that mixed with some basslines and some fine vocals give it a great atmosphere. More ahead, the influence from Drum and Bass is evidently present on the breaks, which is something natural on Detest’s tracks, and some pleasant (don’t mistake it for softness) kicks take over and turn this track into a high skill one.

The EP is available for purchasing at and the streaming version can be found down here:

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