One of the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike brothers, Like Mike in this case, is starting a new solo project after years of great success as a duo.

When we talk about electronic music, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are one of the names that come up in a big way, with several performances on the biggest stages in the world, and also the title of “Tomorrowland Lords”. This time one of the Belgian brothers, Like Mike, decides to create his own project and thus launches his label called “Green Room“.

He had already released “Best Friend“, “Lies” and this year “Sinner“. With all this, Like Mike shows that he wants to continue his solo work as well, and is currently working on his first solo album with no date to be released yet.

For the happiness of the fans there is already a new song on the label “Green Room“. Together with Angemi, Like Mike releases “High off Love“. It is possible to see in this song a style different from what we are used to, but this is the message that Like Mike wants to convey, it will certainly be a year in which he will bet on his solo career showing the various genres that he can cover, thus also contributing positively to his career and repertoire.

Below you can listen to the new music from Like Mike’s label and here you can follow and know all the information about the Belgian DJ and producer’s label.

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