Hot off the presses is Uncaged’s newest release, The Heat! Those who are usual readers here certainly know this name, as this young talent is making waves in the Hardstyle scene. He’s been on the path to success with astonishing releases and is starting to have his own unique sound that stands out from the crowded space that Hardstyle can sometimes be for newcomers.

Right out of the gate we’re treated to pretty intense vocals. The mid intro is backed by a punchy kick, nice kick rolls and a few sounds that we can already identify as being from the artist. The break builds up the intense atmosphere even further, culminating in an addicting melody erupting through the speakers, with the climax bringing all the elements together, unleashing the track’s full energy. The second climax features a melody variation that holds on the listener until the end of this epic track.

After tracks like Animals, Together, or even The Last Call, Uncaged goes above and beyond what’s expected of him to make a really good track. Can he do even better? We’re certain that with time, this producer will outdo himself, and that Rough Recruits can be the perfect place for him to let his art be known!

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