Pete Tha Zouk has been spending his time in the studio doing something wonderful, and together with Mayze X Faria he cooked up La Rambla, a pure House track with iconic vocals.

If you keep an eye on our socials, you’ve probably seen our interview with Mayze X Faria back at Dancefloor last year. This is the collaboration they’ve mentioned back then, which finally sees the light of day today!

The track kicks off with a punchy kick and a nice high hat. After this intro, the track quickly winds down just to introduce the distinctive vocal sample used (“I want two shots, one beer and this record right here!”). The track quickly winds back up, progressing with interesting percussion elements. The break doesn’t waste any of the track’s momentum. One of the interesting details of this track is how it builds up from start to finish, and how new elements are added as we go, making this a very solid tune.

In what concerns Pete Tha Zouk, he’s a force to be reckoned with and has been connected to the Portuguese dance music scene since the 90’s. Having countless releases and also a presence in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100, you cannot go wrong with a party that has him in the lineup

As for Mayze X Faria, they’ve have been on a great path, and after a successful Summer Tour, where they performed at Pete Tha Zouk’s very own Sunset Infinity party, and a tour through Angola, they’ve now managed to collaborate with one of the producers they looked up to, and we’re pretty sure they’ll remember this as one of the highlights of their career at a later stage!

Be sure to head over to Beatport to show them your support!

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