Ready to catch a rocket to the moon and back? Ascension from Synthsoldier is an absolute journey of a track, strap on your seatbelts because you’ll be going from 0 to 1000!

The track kicks off in the right way with an insanely punchy kick down below! The break has a rather spatial feel to it, and will probably suit big arenas well, and Synthsoldier was clearly going for a sci-fi feel here with the vocals. Next thing we know it, we already stumbled upon the climax after a short build up, which rather pleased me personally and should please many other listeners! The melody is very detailed, but rather catchy!

This amazing artist has been doing unique pieces of work and has been releasing tunes with huge quality. It seems the leap forward that he took when joining Dirty Workz did wonders for him! Tracks like Sovereign, Futura and Deep Space are amazing showcases of his talent. We look forward to see what the future brings to this young man from down under.

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