After being teased last summer during the festival season, Lake Of Fire has finally been released! This is yet another impressive effort from D-Block & S-te-Fan and the vocalist Evelyn Bakker

The overall mood of the track is somewhat spooky, as expected, and starts with Evelyn’s distinctive vocals. The kick and bass in the mid intro is really nicely made and it is one of the highlights here, it just seems the kicks are so deep and the bass so overwhelming that it just swallows the rest of the track! This gives a really pleasing sensation in the ears, but as we go, the track opens up with a nicely distorted bass. Towards the end of the break, an amazing melody erupts and definitely sets everything on fire! The climax is one of those that can certainly keep the dancefloor alive with a punchy kick contrasting really well with the intense melody.

This is yet another astonishing piece of work from D-Block & S-te-Fan under their Ghost Stories alias. The atmosphere here is on point, just like on their previous tracks under this name, and we definitely can’t wait to hear if they have more in store during this upcoming festival season.

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