The 20-year-old from Long Island, New York, known as Nikademis has been unstoppable since the start of 2020 with his mesmerizing and mind-bending basslines, now releasing his remix of “Good For You” by Two Friends.

Letting the vocals lead your path, the track intro’s with an empowering arp and a strong kick, rising, until reaching a most Dantesque climax, taking you to the depths of an asylum with nowhere to escape.

After the success of his take of Porter Robinson’s masterpiece, Divinity“, Nikademis takes on this one, giving it his own personal twist, and what a beautiful work of art it became. His mid-tempo remains unique despite all the recent critiques of the genre, which give him full control over the genre.

The man behind the tracks “The Simulation” and “Don’t Promise Me” proves once again that he is eager to make 2020 his best year to date, and only time can tell what else he has in store for us.

Make sure to listen to Nikademis’s remix of “Good For You” out now, on Soundcloud!

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