Your Monday might have just become brighter and easier to deal with after the new EP released for Triple Six Records. The label is clearly focused on making the Uptempo Hardcore scene grow and, to make that happen, it has recently confirmed the signing of two new producers, being one of them ChaosCtrl (you can read about it right here) and the man responsible for this new release, the first for this new label of his, Irradiate.

The Ignition EP is composed of 3 new tracks, where the first one has the same name as the EP and is a curious mix of sentimental vibes, lovely lyrics and the toughest side of Hardcore music, for this Dutch young man didn’t make any savings when it comes to the number of BPM’s.

The second part of this 3 pack is #99, which starts with a vocal pronouncing exactly its name and quickly takes you for a heavy drop where a high pitch kick is the main character. Afterwards you will listen to some catchy synths and kicks with a different sound and type of distortion.

The epilogue of Ignition is Burn, this one begins with some interesting kick rolls that will also work as a short fake drop for the first one. This tune also manages to combine a rage scream and a soft voice as vocals that you will get to hear within the breaks among the drops.

You can purchase this debut EP of Irradiate for Triple Six Records at or simply stream it down here:

You can also listen to his first release in 2020 (that came out less than two weeks ago) right here:

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