If you keep an eye on the harder styles you know that last weekend Q-dance hosted the event Dediqated to celebrate their 20 years. This event was an important milestone because Q-dance is one of the biggest organizations that pushed the harder styles forward. They literally coined and registered the term “hardstyle”, and their story is fused very deeply with the genre itself. This event was not only a celebration of the event prometer itself, but of the whole genre. From their humble origins as Qlass Elite and with Qlubtempo parties, up to big events like Defqon.1, they’ve certainly come a long way. We are proud to say we’ve walked most of this path along with Q-dance and we’re sure that all of us, as fans and party goers, helped make a positive impact in everything they’ve achieved! Big ups to Q-dance and here’s to another 20 years and beyond!

During this astonishing show, they’ve presented the ultimate top, as voted by you, the listener. So what’s the absolute best Hardstyle track ever made? Let’s make a journey through these tracks, with a special focus on the top 10…

From the 25th until the 11th track there were many worth highlighting, such as Dragonborn from Headhunterz, which was inspired by a videogame that Willem is a huge fan of, Skyrim! Thought this top we’ve seen a fair share of other Headhunterz tracks, such as his remix of Her Voice, Our Church, his Qlimax 2007 anthem and the mega collab with Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers for the Defqon.1 2012 anthem. Speaking on both of them, on this portion of the top we’ve seen Timeless, from Wildstylez, a track that played an immense role in the Defqon.1 2012 endshow with its unique long break that set a relaxing mood, and Noisecontrollers with So High, a track that marked that period of their career.

There were more legends featured up until the 11th place, with Frontliner being featured twice with Symbols, a track he cooked up for Q-base’s 2012 OST and that makes every raver shiver as soon as the lyrics pop up, and also with Magic, together with B-Front. Ran-D couldn’t miss this top with Living For The Moment and Zombie, the two tracks that probably changed his career the most. Davide Sonar also had his place here with the spine tingling Natural, and we close this first part with D-Block & S-te-Fan & Sub Zero Project’s Darkest Hour (The Clock), Max Enforcer with Lost In Paradise and even the number one all time best from the top made back at Q-dance’s 10th anniversary, Deepack’s Qlimax anthem The Prophecy. But let’s now enter the famous top 10…

10. The Nasty BoyzAngel

An absolute favorite of many top level DJ’s and producers, a track that has made many go from fans to artists in the scene. It also served as a tribute to a deceased Q-family member during Dediqated. “No one can stop us now…

9. HeadhunterzRock Civilization

A track that propelled Willem to the highlights of the Hardstyle community. The addicting melody, well worked vocals, devastating bass and impacting kick made this a fan favorite from the get go

8. Brennan Heart & Jonathan MendelsohnImaginary

A track that transcended the harder styles and brought this genre to the highlights of the mainstream electronic music. Imaginary touched countless orange hearts.

7. HeadhunterzScrap Attack (Defqon.1 Anthem 2009)

Headhunterz was still somewhat an up and coming name back then, and given his untamable talent, he was given the honor of making the Defqon.1 anthem, and he did not disappoint. This is considered to be one of the best anthems ever produced. Here’s a very young Heady premiering this anthem way back in the days:

6. ShowtekFTS

This is what I love and can’t stop loving”. Showtek may have left the Hardstyle scene but they made an ever lasting impact when they were in it. FTS’s lyrics embody the spirit of every Hardstyle listener. There’s literally a verse that describes each and every one that loves this genre, so it is easy to understand why it takes a respectful 6th place.

5. Brennan Heart & WildstylezLose My Mind

Similarly to Imaginary, this one went above and beyond what Hardstyle represents and put the genre in a whole another playing field.

4. Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. NoisecontrollersTonight (Alpha2 Remix)

The original was one hell of a banger, but to this day the Alpha2 remix remains as one of those classics that DJ’s use in modern sets, and it definitely goes well in pretty much any set! The air piercing melody and overall heaviness of this remix marked it as one of the best tracks ever made.

3. 2 Best EnemiesPhases (TBY Romantic Mix)

Italian craftsmanship at its finest. We don’t know if it is the insane break with heartfelt vocals and harp-like melody, the addicting lead over the climax or insane kicks, but one thing’s for sure, this one will make any Hardstyle fan go all out.

2. D-Block & S-te-FanMusic Made Addict

The track that marked a whole new path in this duo’s career and was the name for a whole album and tour, this iconic track centered around heavily chopped vocals (that gave the artists their fair share of issues) that were about looking for that amazing feeling that Hardstyle gives to the listener!

1. JDX ft. Sarah MariaLive The Moment

An eye watering song that send shivers through anyone’s spine, without exception. There’s no feeling like hearing this one live, and if you’re not a fan of this one, we’re certain that once you hear it at a festival you’ll immediately change your mind.

And there you have it! Does this top match with your preferences? Let us know in our socials!

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